Invited Talk on Co-operative Banking

Dr. Yashavantha Dongre Rtd. Professor-Commerce, University of Mysore, Mysore, delivered a talk on co-operative banking and related issues of dual regulation, size and governance held on November 14, 2019 during the one-day Pre-Conference Workshop on the theme “Development Banking and Inclusive Growth: Emerging Trends.” Co-operatives are the vehicles of inclusive and sustainable models as: they lead to financial inclusion, provide development finance, they have local focus, and are resilient during crisis. The problems faced by the cooperative banking were outlined in the session which broadly includes dual regulation policy, efficiency not getting reflected by size and the shortcomings in governance. The session also covered other aspects such as the requirements cooperative banks need to fulfil, how cooperative banks can benefit the members more and how the future for cooperative banking looks like. The talk was highly insightful and threw light on several dimensions pertaining to cooperative banking.