Prerana Invited Talk – Mr Vijay Kumar

‘Integrity, Situational Awareness, Financial Knowledge, Investing Experience, Credibility in the Market and Network with Financial Professionals, are the core qualities for a wealth manager. Often wealth management is linked to the financial stream, but it is a blended combination of finance and sales’ thus said Mr. Vijay Kumar, Alumnus of PGDM 2009-21 Batch and Independent Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager, on February 3, 2023 at SDMIMD. 
Mr Vijay said that the with the increase in the global wealth the private wealth sector is showing significant growth. The role of private wealth manager is becoming more relevant and significant to navigate the complexities of financial markets for the individual investors. 
The talk introduced the students on campus about this avenue and how they have to prepare themselves to enter this domain. 

Invited Talk on ‘Presenting Analytical Insights

Mr Kiran Sathyanarayan, Advisor, Data Science, Dell Technologies, was invited to deliver a talk on 'Presenting Analytical Insights' on November 14, 2022. The session was organized as part of the business intelligence course as part of the PGDM Program. The interactive session introduced the various nuances and techniques of understanding & presenting analytical insights. 

Evolution of Digital Payment – Talk by Alumnus

Mr. Abhijit Korti, SDMIMD Alumnus & AVP – Digital Banking, Jana Small Finance Bank, addressed the new batch of the PGDM Program during Orientation Program on July 9, 2022. Mr. Abhijit focused his talk on ‘Evolution of Digital Payment in India’ introducing the journey of the digital payment system and the changing dynamics of work, workforce, and workplace in the digital world. The talk helped the new bees to realize and understand the additional skills needed apart from the prescribed studies to be in the race in the digital world. The talk concluded with a Q&A session. 

Opportunities in the Finance Sector – Talk by Alumnus

The informative and motivational talk by SDMIMD Alumnus Mr. Harinath Gopalswamy, CEO-Fintelligence, was organized on July 9, 2022, as part of the Orientation Program for the PGDM 2022-2024. Mr. Harinath introduced the various avenues and opportunities in various domains of the finance sector in the current corporate world. The preparation demanded having a perfect credential to meet the aimed role was discussed with necessary skill enhancement courses available in the MOOC platform were shared. The new batch had a great Q&A session with Mr. Harinath.

HR Challenges during Post COVID – Talk by Alumnus

‘The talent acquisition, retention, and management during the post-COVID scenario have challenged the HR domain. The challenges have made the corporates prioritize employee wellbeing and build their strategies around a Human-centered environment where talent retention is the key’ thus said Mr. Sandesh Murchy, SDMIMD Alumnus and Director, HRSDX JAPAC, Oracle, during the invited talk organized on July 9, 2022. Mr. Sandesh was delivering the talk on ‘HR Challenges in the Post-COVID scenario’ to the PGDM 2022-2024 Batch. The talk was organized as part of the Orientation Program 2022.

Prerana President address the PGDM 22-24 Batch

SDMIMD alumni association – Prerana was introduced by the President of the association Mr. Niranjan Naik, Founder & Director, Prominent Mind, to the PGDM 2022-2024 Batch on July 9, 2022. Mr. Niranjan with an introduction to Prerana made the new batch aware of the various activities & services from the alumni association apart from the networking opportunities. He demonstrated the website and the app helping them to on-boarding to the huge network of SDMites having a presence across the globe.  

Emotional Intelligence for Success – Talk by Alumnus

Ms. Padmashree G.S., SDMIMD Alumnus and Life Coach & Counsellor, was the speaker for the special orientation session on the topic ‘Emotional intelligence is a key to our success’ organized on July 8, 2022, as part of the Orientation Program 2022. Ms. Padmashree introduced the concept of emotional intelligence and with examples from day-to-day life demonstrated how the quality of life can be improved with certain practices of tips & techniques of the introduced concept. The Q&A had a discussion on stress management, improving concentration, and overcoming depression. 

Expectations from MBA Students – Talk by Alumnus

Mr. Tejasvi Nathan, SDMIMD Alumnus & VP – Global Talent Partner, HR Swiss Re Global Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., was invited to address the young managers of PGDM 2022-2024 as part of the Orientation Program on July 8, 2022. Mr. Tejasvi addressed the new batch on ‘Expectations from MBA students – from Corporate Sector’ illustrating the essentials and desirable requirements for different positions for the young manager in the corporate world. The talk helped the batch to plan the roadmap toward enhancing the skills and credentials to meet the corporate requirements. 
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