Business Landscape for PGDM 2021-23

Business Landscape, a knowledge expansion exercise was conducted by the SDMIMD faculty for the students entering the Second Year after their corporate internship.  The week-long program from June 2, 2022, included an introduction about the contemporary topics on - Life-changing Technologies in India; FinTech, and EVs et al, Is eLearning a boon or bane for lifelong learning and to drive your career? Work From Home (WFH) is a bane or a boon for a professional in modern times. 
The faculty introduction was followed by the panel discussion by the group of students on the topics identified in line with the contemporary topics - AI and Ethics - Can they blend? - Is there a debate? Upset the Status Quo  - Disruptive Innovation as a core competence; How important is statistics for me in my career? Is it worth learning deep into statistics or is it better to learn using the latest available statistical packages?.
The Business Landscape Course was conceived and anchored by Prof Prasad SN and actively participated by several faculty members of SDMIMD.