Foundation Day Lecture 2019

At city’s B School SDMIMD, this forenoon, it seemed as if it was the day to experience business of space as virtual reality. Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) was celebrating “Foundation Day” and the invited speaker was Space Scientist Dr K Radhakrishnan, Former Chairman of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Former Chairman, Indian Space Commission. Dr Radhakrishnan, started his talk, recalling memories of his first visit to SDMIMD during 1996 and Dr Veerendra Heggade Dharmadhikari of Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala and President Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Educational (SDME) Trust and said only ‘good human beings become leaders’. Further, in his talk, Dr Radhakrishnan gave overview of ISRO’s success journey over 50 years of service to the nation. His talk was truly linked to ISRO’s vision which states “harness space technology for national development while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration”.
Talking on successful launching of satellites by India, Dr Radhakrishnan, said India launched Aryabhata in collaboration with Soviet Union in 1975. That was followed by SLV-3. Then came launch of two famous Rockets PSLV for launching satellites into polar orbits and the GSLV for placing satellites into geostationary orbits. In 2014, ISRO used an indigenous cryogenic engine in a GSLV-D5 launch of the GSAT-14. ISRO sent a lunar orbiter, Chandrayaan-1, during 2008 and a Mars obiter during 2013, which entered Mars orbit on 24 September 2014 making India the First Nation to succeed on its first attempt to Mars and ISRO the fourth space agency in the world as the first space agency in Asia to reach Mars orbit.
He mentioned the launch of twenty satellites in a single vehicle on 15 February 2017 and the launch of one hundred and four satellites in a single rocket (PSLV-C37) which is a world record. 
During the Q&A, Dr Radhakrishnan said that respecting elders, peers, policies and systems of the organization is highly essential to be good leader.  When asked about the success story of ISRO, he said that nurturing work culture with due respect to fellow people in an organization makes it all so that everyone feels proud. He also said that the Organization, ISRO never suffered financial crunch and the Government has been extending excellent support for ISRO’s growth. He said these are 4G internet days and in near future, the world is going to witness 7G Space Roaming.
Earlier, Dr M R Suresh, Professor-Marketing, SDMIMD, Mysore, welcomed the gathering and introduced the speaker. The faculty members, staff members, students and invitees were present.