FDP on Leveraging AI for Teaching and Research - 19th April 2024

Session Coverage:
Session 1: AI in pedagogy and curriculum design
Session 2: Collaborative AI tools for enhancing student productivity
Session 3: Ethical consideration in AI for education and research
Session 4: Enhancing research reporting and publication through AI
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Date: Friday,19th April 2024
Quick Contact:
Mr. G. Muddaraj Urs
FDP Coordinator, SDMIMD
Mobile: 9740140485
Program Overview
In the contemporary educational arena, marked by rapid evolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration offers unparalleled avenues for augmenting teaching methodologies and scholarly pursuits. This program is meticulously crafted to equip educators and researchers with the requisite expertise to capitalise on AI's capabilities, thereby enhancing student learning outcomes and propelling scholarly innovation.
Participants will explore AI's application in education and research, examining state-of-the-art approaches, established best practices, and tangible implementations. The program encompasses diverse AI technologies.
Structured around interactive workshop format & practical exercises led by domain experts, the program aims to furnish participants with the knowledge to leverage AI in crafting dynamic and individualised educational experiences. Moreover, it will demonstrate how AI can streamline to bolster research efficiency, and encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration across academic institutions.
Participants will thoroughly comprehend AI's significance in education and research, alongside actionable strategies for seamlessly integrating AI technologies into their pedagogical and scholarly initiatives. This journey promises to unlock AI's full potential in elevating educational outcomes and enhancing the calibre of institutional research.
Resource Persons

Dr. Sunil M.V., specializing in Systems and General Management, former Head of Academic Administration and former Co-ordinator for SDM Research Centre for Management Studies (SDM RCMS). He is a Certified American Library Association (ALA) and IIM Bangalore Fellow. Dr. Sunil's intellectual contributions extend beyond the classroom. He has authored papers featured in reputable journals, conferences, book chapters & online course materials, further enriching academic discourse.
Dr Mamta Hegde, an alumnus of IIM Indore, holds a PGDM and a PhD in Corporate Leadership. She boasts a wealth of experience in academia and the corporate world, specializing in self-branding and pedagogical research. Dr Hegde has made significant contributions to national and international journals and is renowned for her impactful training programs.

Who can attend?

Academicians, researchers, working professionals, and individuals with an interest in teaching and research, particularly those keen on enriching experiences through the application and impact of artificial intelligence.
Program Fees - Rs. 1500/-

The fee is inclusive of Lunch & Snacks and Certification.
Please Note: 25% group discount for 5 or more participants from the same organisation/institution.

Payment Procedure
Option I: Online payment: https://www.sdmimd.ac.in/sdmpayment/
Option II: Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) favour of “Director, SDM Institute for Management Development”, payable at Mysore using the following account number:
The Federal Bank Ltd
Branch Mysore, Jayalakshmi Puram
Beneficiary: SDM Institute for Management Development
SB A/C: 16890100038823
IFSC Code: FDRL0001689

Option III: Payment may be made in the form of DD drawn in favour of “Director, SDM Institute for Management Development”, payable at Mysore.