IEC Technical Session by Sri. K.P Aggarwal, HDFC Ltd

Sri. K.P Aggarwal, Business Head-HDFC Ltd., was invited to deliver a technical talk on November 10, 2017 to the delegates of 3rd International Economics Conference. The speaker comprehensively explained the impacts of the housing sector on other sectors; and the real estate market to India’s GDP. He also spoke in-depth on various aspects and issues relating to mortgage sector and future of this sector in India. 

Dr. Anand Srinivasan, NUS, Singapore Talks on Bank Recapitalisation

Dr. Anand Srinavasan, Associate Professor, National University Singapore gave a deep and insightful look into the current process of bank recapitalization in India. He elaborated how the financial injections in an economic structure workout. He also compared the economic and banking policies followed in various countries such as USA and Japan.  Dr.Anand delivered his invited talk on November 10, 2017 to the gathering of 3rd International Economics Conference.

Dr. Doug Gilbert, USA Talks on Performance Excellence

Dr. Doug Gilbert, Staff Faculty, University of Phoenix, USA delivered an invited technical talk to the delegates of 3rd International Economics Conference on November 10, 2017.  He emphasised on the role of performance excellence in sustainable organisation and business sustainability. He analysed the role Malcolm Baldrige Quality Standards plays in ensuring the successful quality management in the products and services manufactured by the companies in US and western economies.

IEC Keynote Address by Sri.Chandrasekhar, MD, Bhoruka Power Corp Ltd

Sri. S. Chandrasekhar, Managing Director, Bhoruka Power Corporation Limited inaugurated the two- day International Conference on “Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends” on November 10, 2017 at SDMIMD campus. In his keynote address, Mr.Chandrasekhar raised concerns overs poor productivity, jobless growth and rising unhedged loans which impede economic growth in India. He believes that sustainable development could be achieved only through sustainable energy. Energy security has been considered as lynchpin of sustained economic growth. He took the participants trough the immense built capacity of India in the area of renewable energy, which could be harnessed by technological innovations. 

Talk on Industrial Sustainability by Dr. Brahm Sharma

Dr. Brahm Sharma, Director, AIMS Center of Sustainability, Bangalore has familiarized the concepts of geothermal power plants, wave energy, smart cities, urban farming and agricultural improvement as popular viable techniques for the current scenario. He was speaking on the occasion of pre-conference workshop on Inclusive Sustainable Growth: Challenges of Change on November 9, 2017. Dr. Sharma delivered talk on the topic “Sustainable Industrial Development for Inclusive Growth: Opportunities and Challenges”.

Lecture on Social Inclusion by Dr. R. Indira

Dr. R. Indira, Professor of Sociology (Rtd.) & Former Director of International Center delivered an invited lecture on the topic “Inclusive Sustainable Development: A Multi-stakeholder Issue with Special Reference to India”. This talk was a part of pre-conference workshop on Inclusive Sustainable Growth: Challenges of Change on November 9, 2017. Dr.Indira explored all dimensions of the idea of development in India with special emphasis on inclusion of women and marginalised in the society in the development process for sustainability.

Invited Talk on Microfinance by Dr.Rangan Varadan, CEO MicroGram

Dr. Rangan Varadan, Founder and CEO,  MicroGram delivered a lecture on November 9, 2017 to the participants of workshop on Inclusive Sustainable Growth: Challenges of Change.  Dr.Rangan spoke on the role of micro finance and micro finance institutions in inclusive sustainable growth in Indian context. He shed light on the existence, functioning, challenges and the future of microfinance in India.

Workshop Keynote on Sustainability by Dr. Parameshwar P Iyer

Dr. Parameshwar P Iyer, Principal Research Scientist at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore delivered keynote address to the participants of the pre-conference workshop on Inclusive Sustainable Growth: Challenges of Change on November 9, 2017. While speaking on the topic   “Sustainability in Management of Technology”, Prof.Iyer described how fostering and recognizing ongoing innovation and research as intellectual property is important not only for developing businesses and economies, but can also play a major role in reducing the plight of the rural population.
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