SDMIMD Hosts Insightful 5th International New Age Marketing Conference

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SDMIMD proudly hosted the 5th International New Age Marketing Conference - Marketing in the age of digital transformation: strategies for sustainable success, a confluence of innovative minds and thought leaders in the field of marketing. The conference commenced with a lamp lighting ceremony by dignitaries including Dr. Anandakuttan B. Unnithan, Mr. Manoj Pasangha, and SDMIMD’s own faculty and students, symbolizing a bright future for marketing in the digital era.
Dr. Keerthan Raj, the Conference Chair, introduced the theme, emphasizing innovation and growth through dynamic new age marketing, highlighting the submission of 80 knowledge-rich research papers. Director Dr. (Lt. Col) S.N. Prasad extended a warm welcome and shared his vision on the marketing evolution, from word-of-mouth to the digital transformation of today, underscoring technology’s role in reshaping strategies and customer engagement.
Keynote speaker Dr. Anandakuttan B. Unnithan delved into the digital disruption's impact, drawing parallels between past and present marketing tools, and illustrating the profound changes in banking and media. His captivating talk touched on the art of customer conversion and the predictive potential of connected technologies.
Mr. Manoj Pasangha continued with a compelling discourse on the constancy of marketing principles amidst shifting mediums, the transformation of consumer behaviors, and the power of data analytics. His presentation covered pivotal strategies for the digital age, from content marketing to SEO, and the need for adaptability and customer-centric approaches.
The conference featured paper presentations that showcased cutting-edge marketing insights and concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. S. Saibaba, expressing gratitude to all contributors. The valedictory address promises further enrichment with esteemed speakers including Dr. Rangan Varadan, Shri S N Rao, Dr. Tathagata Ghosh, and Mr. Stanley Jacob, ensuring a continued tradition of excellence at SDMIMD.

11th International Conference for “HR for Organisational Sustainability”

The conference was inaugurated by Mr. C K Suresh, the Founder Director of ATMA Foundation. Dr. S N Prasad, Director SDMIMD, delivered the welcome address and elaborated on the impact of the pandemic on work dynamics, leading to hybrid education and remote work. Dr. Mousumi Sengupta, the Conference Chair, stressed the role of HRM in nurturing organizational sustainability through governance, innovation, and empathy. Mr. Suresh, as the Chief Guest, shared insights on sustainability, discussing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and emphasizing the triple bottom line—Economic, Environmental, and People aspects. The conference was held on December 21-22, 2023.
The valedictory address of the conference was delivered by Dr. Dharma Prasad, CEO, Prosetta Bioconformatics. Dr. Mahesh Rao, CEO, Aashaya Design Solutions, Mr. Ravichandra Bekal, CHRO, Wurth Elektronik India Pvt. Ltd. And Dr K Anantha Gowda, CHRO, Nandi Economic Corridor Enterprises Limited were the other distinguished speakers, during the conference. 
During the 2 days of the conference, more than 125 participants discussed and deliberated on the topics, such as, talent Management, corporate sustainability, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, HR analytics, HR governance, Global HRM, Change management, work life balance, ethical leadership, diversity management, and Green HRM.

8th International Economics Conference

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The 8th International Economics Conference was organized by SDMIMD on November 29-30, 2023 on the theme of “Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends”. 
This annual conference was inaugurated by Mr. Udaya Kumar Hebbar, Managing Director, CreditAccess Grameen Limited. “Microfinance is now no longer micro, but has become a new asset class”, said Mr. Udaya Kumar Hebbar, in his keynote address. “ He further said, “Microfinance has been contributing silently by gradually bridging income and livelihood disparity and creating a platform for better gender parity, particularly in rural India. Alongside, through their initiatives, Microfinance Institutions contribute substantially to achieving Sustainable Development Goals by addressing poverty, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, amongst others”. In his address, Mr.Hebbar also outlined opportunities and challenges before the microfinance sector in this changing environment. He believes that the new harmonized microfinance guidelines by the regulatory authority envisage protecting customer interest. By enabling microcredit to the last mile of society the sector contributes to the inclusive growth of the rural economy, said Udaya Kumar Hebbar.
Dr.B. Venkatraja, Chairperson of the Conference, SDMIMD introduced the theme of the conference and highlighted the background. He opined that maintaining a balance between economic growth aspirations and the need for environmental protection is a critical aspect of sustainability.  Dr.Mohamed Minhaj, Chairperson of Academic Programs at SDMIMD gave an overview of how technologies and innovations drive the economy.
Sri. Pravin Iyer, Managing Director, Relicare Tech Services, Dr. Davood Askarany, Senior Lecturer, Business School, Accounting and Finance, The University of Auckland (NZ) and Dr Basavaraju R, Executive Director, GRAAM were the other distinguished speakers of the conference. Sri. Sriram Ranganathan, Vice President and Global Tax Head at Wipro Limited and Sri. Vijaykrishnan Venkatesan, Chairman, CII Karnataka State Council & Managing Director, Kennametal India Ltd delivered the valedictory address. 
The two-day conference deliberated on 130 academic research papers presented by academicians and research scholars from different reputed institutions. Several emerging issues and trends relating to the economy, growth, and sustainability were deliberated. 

11th International Finance Conference 2023

Technology has enabled general public to invest in the capital market and as a result the number of demat accounts opened over the years have grown exponentially, said Dr. Abhilash Misra, CEO, National Stock Exchange Academy Limited, Mumbai, held on October 19-20, 2023.
Delivering keynote address during 11th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets organised by SDMIMD at its auditorium on Thursday he discussed about the recent developments in the capital market and also spoke on how technology was embraced by the market regulators in the regulation and functioning of capital markets and also mentioned that Technology enabled the people of the country to invest in equity markets. “Indian Financial Markets is one of the robust risk management systems to protect the interest of all the stakeholders” added Misra.
Oil prices will go up further: Dr (Lt Col) SN Prasad, Director, SDMIMD delivering inaugural address said due to ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and Hamas and Israel the oil prices may go up further in days to. “The days of easy money are over thanks to the recession caused due to covid in the US; interest rate gone up, no easy money coming to the world. The dollar is slowly eroding and China is becoming stronger and stronger and the net export of china has gone up in the last two years” added Prasad. M Sriram, Conference Chair, IFC 2023 gave a brief introduction about the conference theme and outlined the proceedings of the two-day conference.
As part of the conference technical sessions on ‘Corporate Finance and Governance’ and ‘Fintech and Digital lending in India’ were delivered by Abhishek Kumar Jain, General Manager, Treasury and Investors Relations, Wipro Limited, Bengaluru and Sri.Timmana Gouda, Founder, WhatsLoan, Bengaluru. The valedictory address was delivered by Sri.Rajesh Sharma, CEO, Kaynes Technology Ltd, Mysuru. The two-day conference witnessed paper presentations on the broader theme of the conference. 

1st International Conference on Leadership

SDMIMD successfully conducted the First International Conference on Leadership on 15th September 2023. This landmark event has not only set a new standard in leadership studies but has also underscored SDMIMD's commitment to fostering global academic and professional discourse.
Conference Milestones:
  1. Submissions: The call for papers elicited an overwhelming response, with 83 abstracts pouring in from distinguished thought leaders, eminent researchers, and seasoned industry practitioners worldwide.
  2. Research Excellence: From the initial submissions, 62 were meticulously crafted into comprehensive research papers, epitomizing the zenith of contemporary leadership studies.
  3. Presentations: The conference spotlighted 49 of these seminal papers, each an example of innovative insights, rigorous research methodologies, and forward-thinking solutions to leadership quandaries.
The esteemed presence of Mr. Sethuraman, Strategic Consultant of the SASMOS group, delivered an insightful inaugural address. A distinguished keynote address was delivered by Mr. A N Chandarmouli of ANCM Consultants. Director Emirates, Dr. N R Parasuraman, and Director Dr. S N Prasad, too graced the occasion.
SDMIMD extends our warm appreciation to delegates whose participation and engagement were pivotal to the conference's success.
The First International Conference on Leadership was not merely an event but a symposium of knowledge, dedication, and the indomitable spirit of leadership. We look forward to setting even higher benchmarks in our future endeavours.

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International Conference on New Age Marketing

The inauguration of International Conference on ‘‘New Age marketing – Catalyzing Transformation Through Innovation, Technology, Analytics and Sustainability’’ was held on January 19, 2023 at Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD), under the aegis of BCIC (Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce).
The Chief Guest and keynote speaker Shri. Rabindra Sah, Chief Engineer – Strategic Projects – Tata Technologies. emphasized on how global industries are witnessing transformation in delivering unique experiences to their consumers through latest technological developments such as, Internet of Things (IOT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and eXtended Reality (XR) etc. During his inaugural address, Dr. N. R. Parasuraman, Director – SDMIMD, stressed the heightened importance of marketing function for all organizations and the need to stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced business environment by adopting innovative practices.
Dr. S. Saibaba, Assistant Professor, Marketing – SDMIMD and Conference Chair discussed that the theme of the conference was aimed at enabling the dissemination of knowledge among the researchers and practitioners, emphasizing the need for comprehending the key role played by innovation, technology, analytics and sustainability in shaping the future of the marketing function in a modern organization. The conference received more than 70 research contributions by faculty, research scholars and post-graduate students of various institutions across the country, and there are around 100 participants registered for the conference.

10th International HR Conference

SDMIMD organized its 10th International HR Conference on “HR for Business Excellence” on 15th and 16th December 2022.  The conference was inaugurated on 15th December 2022 at 9:30 am by Dr. N R Parasuraman, Director of SDMIMD, and the conference Chair Dr. Mousumi Sengupta. In his inaugural address, Dr N R Parasuraman discussed about the importance of HR Leadership in an organization, and how HR plays a role as a key management factor. Dr. Mousumi emphasized on the role of HR in inculcating positive mindset amongst employees.  The Conference Proceeding CD was also released by Dr. Parasuraman. 
The keynote speaker Mr. K R Sekar, Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP, explained about the evolving role of a CHRO of a company, who needed to nurture the human capital of a company, for sustaining the strategic advantage.  He also mentioned that in the post-covid era, both physical and mental health of the employees are to be looked after, by the companies. Mr. Jagan Karthick, Program Lead at DERBI Foundation and Mr. Abrar, Incubation Manager at DERBI Foundation, were the speakers for another session of the day. The speakers emphasized on HR Challenges faced by today’s start-ups. It was discussed that involvement of HR as a strategic partner is crucial for any company’s growth.  There were paper presentations tracks in the morning and the afternoon. The day was concluded with commendable cultural performances organized by Kalanubhav Committee of SDMIMD. 
The following day began at 10:00am with papers presentations, followed by the distinguished lecture by Mr Venkatanarayanan, President - HR & CHRO, Rane Group. The speaker emphasized about the necessity for more responsible HRM Department and employee-friendly policies at workplace. The Valedictory address was delivered by Dr. Augustus Azariah, Employee & Labor Relations Leader, Kyndryl, Asia Pacific Middle East & Africa Region. He focused on the HR’s duty of care for the employees and a need for the total inclusive work environment. Dr. S. N. Prasad, Deputy-Director, SDMIMD, discussed the necessity of the progressive HRM for an organization, during the session.  
The conference was organized under the aegis of BCIC - SDMIMD Centre for Management Excellence. More than 100 participants from all over the country, along with the faculty members, staff and students of SDMIMD, took part in the conference. 

7th International Economics Conference 2022

SDMIMD, in association with the Bangalore Chambers of Industry and Commerce (BCIC), organised the 7th International Economics Conference (IEC) on the theme - Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends on November 24 & 25, 2022. The 7th edition of the IEC was inaugurated by Mr P.G. Yogindra, Former Executive Director of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL). Mr Yogindra, during his inaugural address, said, ‘economic growth and sustainable development needs to be balanced, and each economic activity must focus on three dimensions of sustainability – economic, social and environmental’. The guest released an electronic version of the Conference Proceeding as a CD during the inaugural event. 
The two-day conference deliberated the emerging economic growth and sustainable development issues from various dimensions. 
The conference had an overwhelming response as more than 140 delegates from different parts of the country participated in the conference. More than 100 research papers/case studies were presented and deliberated across two days. The conference was attended by academicians, research scholars, and corporate executives.  
Earlier, Dr B. Venkatraja, the Chairperson of IEC, welcomed the gathering and presented the conference's theme. Dr N.R. Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD, in his address, focused on the importance of the theme and the need for Industry-Academia deliberation. 

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