Guest Lecture 1213

Talk on "Leadership Challenges of tomorrow"

Mr Matt Barney Vice President & Director Infosys Leadership Institute Mysore was the invited speaker at SDM IMD on 6th March 2013. The talk on "Leadership Challenges of tomorrow" was jointly organized by Greater Mysore Management Association and SDMIMD. Speaking on the topic, Mr Matt said "Tomorrow's Leadership Challenges will involve uncertain Global bottlenecks hurt by organizational parasites. Hence, the need is to protect the business by Instrumental leadership, overcome competitor bottlenecks, parasites in bottlenecks and with innovations that are Rare, Inimitable, non substitutable, and Useful (RINU)". He also stressed upon QCQC concept (Quality, Cost, Quantity and Cycle Time). It was a perfect evening for budding managers as they listened to nuances of leadership from an expert in the field.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Niranjan Vanalli

niranjan Mr. Niranjan Vanalli, Department of Journalism, University of Mysore, delivered a talk on "Ethics in Media" on March 5, 2013 at the SDMIMD Auditorium. The talk was attended by the faculty and student community.

Guest Lecture on "Corporate Performance Management"


Swaroop Iyengar, Co-founder - Avantika Foundation, addressed the SDMites on the topic “Corporate Performance Management: From Vision to Execution” at SDMIMD Auditorium on December 4, 2012.

Alumnus on Campus to deliver Guest Lecture


SDMIMD Alumnus Mr. Kshemal Harsha Desai, who is the Senior Manager WW Operations at VM Ware Software India Pvt. Ltd., delivered a guest lecture on “Basic Introduction to Market Research and Defining the New SEC system as suggested by MRSI” (SEC - Socio Economic Classification, MRSI - Market Research Society of India) on December 1, 2012.

Leadership talk on "Leadership & Values"


Mr. Arun Nayar, VP and Global Head HR, Software Paradigm International (SPI), delivered a leadership talk on “Leadership and Values” on November 30, 2012 at the SDMIMD Auditorium. The talk was attended by the faculty and student community.

Guest Lecture on "Unleashing my potential..."


Annapurna, Asst. General Manager - HR Essilor India Private Limited, Bangalore, delivered a guest lecture on “Unleashing my potential...the way forward” at SDMIMD Auditorium on 24th November 2012.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Dan Philip

Dan On October 27, 2012 Mr. Dan Phillips, Washington, D.C, USA, delivered the invited talk on "Towards Sustainability and Vegetarianism" at SDMIMD Auditorium.

Talk on "Transforming Indians to transform India"

Swami On September 29, 2012 Swami Hamsanandji of Chinmaya Mission, delivered the invited talk on "Transforming Indians to transform India" at SDMIMD Auditorium.
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