Orientation for the Awareness Program on Cyber Crime

'Technological advancement and the pandemic situation have changed modern life. The Internet allows us to use these technologies and connect to wider services and facilities. In a nutshell, the Internet touches almost all aspects of our lives. However, it also makes us vulnerable to a wide range of threats. New and powerful cyber-attacks are striking the Internet regularly. A minor lapse in managing our digital lives can open the door to cybercriminals' thus said Mr Anil Kumar N., Police Sub Inspector, Cyber Economic and Narcotics Crime (CEN) Police Station, Mysore. 
Mr Anil Kumar addressed the SDMIMD students involved in the Social Research Project (SRP) on Wednesday, December 29, 2021. Students have taken up the initiative to conduct a study to identify the need for an awareness program about Cyber Security among High School Students in the City as part of the Socially Relevant Project (SRP) of the academic program. 
The talk by Mr Anil Kumar sensitized the students involved in this initiative about the cyber crimes seen in the online classes, gaming, uploading content in social media, shopping websites, fake news, dating apps and other internet-enabled services. 
Speaking on occasion, Dr S.N. Prasad, Deputy Director, SDMIMD, said that awareness about Cyber Security is essential for all segments of society. It is more relevant to educate the parents who give their mobile phones and access to the OTT (Over The Top) platforms for entertainment like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, etc.
Mr Siddesh M.L., Police Sub-Inspector, Cyber Economic and Narcotics Crime (CEN) Police Station, Mysore and Dr Sunil M.V., Head-Academic Administration, SDMIMD, Mysore and the project supervisor, were present.