‘Best Paper Award’ to Dr. B. Venkatraja

The paper ‘Impact of central explicit subsidies on fiscal deficit in India: an empirical study’ by Dr. B. Venkatraja, Professor – Economics, SDMIMD, has won the Best Paper Award at 5th International conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences on the them ‘Global Business, Economics & Sustainability’ held during April 1 to 3, 2016 at Chennai. 

Course on “Productive Efficiency” by Prof. Kalirajan

Dr. Kaliappa Kalirajan, Professor of Economics of Australian National University, offered seminar course on ‘Productive Efficiency’ to PGDM 2016-18 Batch during November 15 & 16, 2016 at SDMIMD.
The central theme of the course was on conveying the importance of productivity with respect to country’s growth emphasising on both empirical and practical applications.The course had focused discussion on the contribution of different factors of production to earn optimal outputs; 
the best practices for optimal productivity; models to measure productivity, which was demonstrated and explained by taking the example agricultural production as the output and labour, fertilizers, land are the contributing input factors that was taken in order to explain the model. Further, ordinary least squares and general least squares method was explained using multiple linear regression model; stochastic model was highlighted to explain the example of agriculture and the limitations of the model as well was explained. 
The day-two of the course introduced the young managers on the sources and factors that influences country’s growth was explained by taking India and Vietnam as the example. Decomposition function during different time periods (say T1 & T2) was used in the process of analysing the reasons for growth. The difference between the actuals, estimates (of outputs & inputs) was calculated to measure the differences in the total factor productivity growth rate. 

Seminar on Make in India: Relevance of Cost Management

SDMIMD joined hands with Mysore Chapter of The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI), to commemorate Golden Jubilee Celebrations of ICAI Mysore Chapter organised a Seminar on 12th November 2016 at SDMIMD.  The theme of the seminar was “Make in India – Relevance of Cost Management“ and “Current Development in GST”.  
The Seminar was inaugurated by CMA G.N. Venkataraman, past President of ICAI of India. Dr. M. Sriram, Professor – Finance, SDMIMD joined the dignitaries to light the traditional lamp. The event is presided over by CMA Suresh Gunjali, Secreary, SIRC of ICAI.  CMA M. Ashok Kumar Chairman, Mysore Chapter reminisced about the initial path of journey of the Mysore Chapter, while Secretary CMA K.M. Lalu proposed vote of thanks. 
During the inaugural session the Souvenir was released by CMA Zithendra Rao, Member – SIRC of ICAI.
CMA P. Thiruvengadam, a retired Senior Director – Management consultancy services, Deloitte Touche Tohamatsu India Pvt. Ltd, was the resource person of the first Technical session.  He has given vivid description on “Make in India – Relevance of Cost Management “.
Mr G. Shivadass, a Principal Partner of Firm Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan, Bangalore, was a resource person of Second Technical session on the theme of “Current Development in GST”. He emphasized the necessity for GST which has the potential for improving GDP and to provide better business atmosphere as well as reduction of MRP of the product to the ultimate customers.

Second Annual Conference on Emerging Trends in Marketing

The second edition of Conference on Emerging Trends in Marketing on ‘Marketing in Turbulence Time’ was held on October 28, 2016 at SDMIMD. Mr. V. Neeraj Kumar, CEO, Edutain Learning Systems, delivered the keynote address during the inaugural session. Mr. Neeraj Kumar started by elucidating on what today’s customers look for – “easy, now and enjoy”, highlighting the trends that are likely to impact marketing which includes Fantasy Adventure, Cocooning (Products & Services to Customer doorstep), Customer Vigilante, Down Ageing, Small Indulgence and Being Alive. Mr. Neeraj Kumar emphasised that to be trend agnostic, the organisation has to focus on customer delight which can be enabled through big data & data analytics; and, marketing in turbulent times is possible only by winning the trust of customers. Highlighting the importance of customer in his address he said ‘winning companies are those who can convert the customers’ wants to needs and delight the customers in the processes. In his address, Mr. Neeraj Kumar talked about how social media and guerrilla marketing can help businesses enhance their marketing intelligence.
Earlier Dr. N.R. Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD, addressed the gathering and highlighted the activities and initiatives of the institute in academic endeavour. Conference Chair Prof. S. Jayakrishnan, welcomed the gathering, and Prof. R. Sugant, Conference Co-Chair, proposed the vote of thanks. 
The conference attracted more than 30 papers on the theme from both academic and corporate world. The deliberations which was happened in multiple track sessions discussed on the conference theme. The invited talk by Prof. Randy and valedictory address by Dr. M.R. Suresh, Professor – Marketing, SDMIMD, Mysuru, were part of the conference schedule. 

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