Faculty Publications in 2020

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Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta
M.A. & Ph.D.
Professor - OB/HRM
  1. Kudtarkar, Ravi R. & Sengupta, Nilanjan (2020). Family Purchase Decision- A Literature Review. Alochana Chakra Journal, Vol. 9 (6), pp.6031-6038.

Dr. Mousumi Sengupta
M.A. in HRMGradIPD & Ph.D.
Professor - OB/HRM
  1. Divyashree, C & Sengupta, Mousumi (2020). A study on Emotional Intelligence among Tertiary care teaching Hospital Nurses. The International journal of analytical and experimental modal analysis, Vol.12 (6), June 2020, ISSN: 0886-9367, pp.1504-1521, DOI:18.0002.IJAEMA.2020.V12I6.200001.0156858850  
  2. Nataraj, R.T & Sengupta, Mousumi (2020). The Curious Case of Family Business. Alochana Chakra Journal, Vol. 9(6), pp.5145-5154.

Dr. R Sugant
BE, MBA & Ph D
Professor - Marketing
  1. Sugant, R (2020). Net Promoter Score - An Evaluation of Top Companies in On-line Retailing in India. SAMVAD: SIBM Pune Research Journal, Vol.XX, June 2020, ISSN (Print): 2249-1880, ISSN (Online): 2348-5329, pp. 14-27.

Dr. Srilakshminarayana.G
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Associate Professor - Quantitative Methods
  1. Savitha, G.l., Srilakshminarayana, G., and Nalina K.B. (2020). Effect of Security Lending and Borrowing on Market Volatility: Evidence from Indian Stock Market. Presented at the International Finance Conference (SIFICO) 2020, organized by K.J.Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai, India, on January 17 and 18, 2020.

Dr. M. Sriram
MBA, FCMA, M.Com, MPhil, Ph D
Associate Professor - Finance
  1. M, Sriram (2020). City Union Bank: Residual income approach to valuation. Vision - The Journal of Business Perspective, eISSN: 2249-5304, ISSN (P): 0972-2629, Vol.24 (3), September, pp.371-375. 

Dr. Venkatraja B
MA, Ph.D
Associate Professor - Economics
  1. Venkatraja, B. (2020). Testing the Long-Run and Short-Run Feedback Dynamics between FDI Inflows and GDP Growth Rate in India. The Empirical Economics Letters, Vol.19 (3), ISSN (only print) 1681 8997, pp.209-220.
  2. Venkatraja, B. (2020). Implications of Direct Tax Rejig: A Demystification Exercise. Southern Economist, ISSN:0038-4046, Vol. 58 (21), March, pp.36-38.
  3. Venkatraja, B. (2020). Does renewable energy affect economic growth? Evidence from panel data estimation of BRIC countries. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, ISSN: 1350-4509 (Print): 1745-2627 (Online), Vol.27 (2), pp.107-113,
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/13504509.2019.1679274

Prof. Kannadas S 
MBA, M.Phil, FDP (IIM K), FDP (IISc)
Assistant Professor - Finance
  1. Manita, D. Shah & Kannadas, S. (2020). Impact of Behavioral aspects in Mergers and Acquisitions : An Overview.  Finance India, Vol.34 (1), March, pp.127-140.

Prof. Anand Sasikumar
Assistant Professor - Operations
  1. Sasikumar, Anand (2020). An Operational approach to gauge the lean performance in bias tyre manufacturing: A Case study. International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management, DOI: 10.1504/IJPQM.2020.10028602.
  2. Anand Sasikumar & P. Acharya (2020). An Application of Analytic Network Process to Prioritize the Critical Success Factors for implementing Lean Manufacturing in Bias Tyre Manufacturing: A Case Study. Industrial Engineering Journal, ISSN 2581-4915, Vol.13 (5), May, pp.1-18.