Workshop on Social Responsibility and Sustainability

A one-day workshop on the theme of “Social Responsibility and Sustainability” was organised on November 17, 2016 preceding  the 2nd International Economics conference at the Institute. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Kaliappa Kalirajan, Professor of Economics of Australian National University, and he followed up by delivering a session on the topic of the workshop.  Dr. Kalirajan presented a case study of Uttarakhand state in India relating to “Self Help Group – Social Responsibility Nexus”.  
This was followed by a session from Dr. Stephen Aro- Gordon, Professor of Finance in Baze University, Nigeria who focused on the Sustainable Ranking Principles in Nigeria which include 4Ws and 1H of the sustainable banking in Nigeria. He stressed that the need for social responsibility is gaining significance in the context of uncharacteristic situation of rapid growth and high unemployment in Nigeria. 
In the post lunch session, Shri. Abhishek Ranjan, Global Head–CSR and Sustainability of Brillio Technology Ltd., in his talk emphasised  the need for responsible corporate practices towards society to sustain the growth. 
A Panel Discussion on the topic of “Mainstreaming Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Organisations” followed. The panel consisted of Dr. M. Indira, Professor of Economics, University of Mysore,     Dr. N.R. Parasuraman, Director & Professor-Finance, SDMIMD, Mysore, Shri. Sukumar Rangachari, Director, Pvt Ltd and MD, Ace Components & Electronics Pvt Ltd and Dr. Stephen ARO-GORDON, Professor – Finance, Baze University, Nigeria. The discussion was moderated by Dr. M.R. Suresh, Professor of Marketing, SDMIMD, Mysore. The panel did discuss different perspectives connecting to the theme of discussion including financial, social, economic, institutional,  and organisational, research . 
The workshop was attended by about 60 participants from different countries. The participants were mainly academics, research scholars and corporate executives.  
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