Workshop on Personality Profiling by Dr. Mousumi Sengupta

Dr. Mousumi Sengupta, Professor - OB & HR, SDMIMD, conducted the 'Workshop on Personality Profiling' for the new PGDM Batch on July 6 & 7, 2022. The workshop helped the young managers to understand their personality types and areas for improvement. The activity-based workshop was administered session-wise by the faculty resource. The workshop was organized as part of the Orientation Program 2022. 

Invited talk by Entrepreneur Mr. Sreenidhi

Mr. Sreenidhi G.S.D, Founder and CEO, Cynefian Private Limited, Gudalupet, shared his success story of the rural initiative focused on upskilling the rural youth of Gudalupet in making them corporate-ready. The serial entrepreneur shared several anecdotes from his journey which presented the essential skills required by an entrepreneur to manage the process and to face the challenges to see success.  The talk was organized as part of the Orientation Program 2022 for the PGDM Batch 2022-24. 

‘ESG and Employee Centric initiatives are core’ – Sri. Kamal Bali

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns and setting the goals of a company thereon have become prevalent. An investment in ESG is seen as an investment in humanity and a way to build a better future for our future generations. Corporations that weave ESG impact deeper into their culture and way of life are very likely to experience higher growth, strong brand reputation, enhanced customer engagement, stronger stakeholder trust, and effective employee recruitment and retention’ thus said Sri. Kamal Bali, President & Managing Director, Volvo Group India, during the distinguished address delivered as part of the Orientation Program 2022 on July 6, 2022
During the talk Sri. Bali discussed key trends that are reshaping the world of business & commerce and highlighted the 8 key aspects - uncertainty is the new reality with multiple pathways and geo politics; increasing demands of holistic sustainability and concern for ESG; adapting the emerging technologies; evolving future of manufacturing with rebalancing the global value chain; accelerating the innovation process; collaboration & partnership to meet the customer requirements and outcomes; regulations to the changing trends; and creating an employee-centric organization with the new work culture. 
Appreciating the effort of SDMIMD in introducing the Modular Specialization in ESG for the new batch, he said 'Investors are increasingly applying ESG factors as part of their analysis and process to identify material risks and growth opportunities. Environmental focuses on conservation of the natural world, Social which considers the people and relationships, and governance guiding the standards for running a company'. He called upon the new batch effort to earn the Certification in ESG for better placement opportunities. 
Dr. N.R. Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD, delivered the welcome address and presented the core objectives of SDMIMD to be the pioneer in introducing the specialization in ESG in the B-School arena as part of the PGDM program. 
Deputy Director Dr. S.N. Prasad, faculty members, staff, and the new batch of PGDM 2022-2024 were present.   

Inspirational talk by Corporate Women Leader

Mrs. Indra Prem Menon, President, Lakshmanan Isola Private Limited, Bangalore, was invited to address the new batch of the PGDM program on July 5, 2022. Mrs. Indra introduced the corporate work culture and well-being with several anecdotes from her personal life. The talk inspired the young managers and informed them about the corporate culture. Mrs. Indra shared valuable tips regarding work-life balance during the talk. The talk was organized as part of the Orientation Program 2022 for PGDM 2022-2024.

Motivational talk by Prof. Parashivamurthy

Prof. D. Parashivamurthy, Motivational Speaker, NLP Trainer, and Faculty at Government First Grade College for Women, Mysore, spoke on the topic ‘Winners make it happen, Losers let it happen’ on July 5, 2022, as part of the Orientation Program 2022. 
Prof. Parashivamurthy said ‘Communication, leadership, and self-motivation are core skills that help the individual to optimize enterprise performance and longevity of serving in any organization. These skills should also help the personal life towards meeting the sustained appropriate traits of personal responsibility and accomplishing the family responsibilities.’

Workshop on imperatives in Social Responsibilities

Prof. C.V. Sridhar, Faculty – General Management and Manager - Administration, SDMIMD, conducted a workshop for the sections of the PGDM 2022-2024 on July 5 & 6, 2022 as part of the Orientation Program 2022. The workshop focused on sensitizing the young manager toward their responsibility for society and introducing them to the social-centric philosophy of Dharmasthala. 

Workshop on Design Thinking

To cultivate empathy and build the concepts with social inclusion for real challenges an activity-based workshop on design thinking was conducted for the PGDM 2022-2024 Batch. The workshop was conducted section-wise during the Orientation Program 2022 on July 5 & 6, 2022. Dr. Sunil M.V., Head – Academic Administration, and Faculty – General Management, SDMIMD, was the faculty resource for the workshop. 

Workshop to Indian Society in Transition

Dr R. Indira Ramarao, Member of the Governing Board of SDMIMD and Formerly Professor of Sociology & Former Director, International Center, University of Mysore, conducted a section-wise focused Workshop on Indian Society in Transition to the PGDM 2022-2024 Batch. The Workshop was organized as a part of the Orientation Program 2022 for the PGDM program on July 4 & 5, 2022. 
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