Outreach Programs

Customized Management Development Program for JK Tyre Industries

A customized Management Development Program (MDP) was organized for J K Tyres & Industries Ltd. from December 15 to 18, 2014. This was the first of a series of similar programs being planned for this company. The participants were from from Vikrant Tire Plant (VTP), Mysore, and Chennai Tire Plant (CTP), Chennai, and were exposed to various areas of management comprising of Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Information Technology and Managerial Communication. 
The program was inaugurated by the Director, Dr. N. R. Parasuraman, SDMIMD, Mysore and Shri H. N. Ramesh, General Manager, J K. Tyres. Shri Srinivasa B. S., Chief General Manager - HR & IR, JK Tyres, VTP; Shri P. Kannan from JK Tyres & Industries, VTP, Mysore, Dr. Ullas Rao, Program Coordinator, SDMIMD, Mysore and Mr. Gowri Prakash, Manager - HR, JK Tyre & Industries, VTP, Mysore, were present on this occasion.

Tent Library @ Dasara 2014

SDMIMD supported the Tent School and Tent Library operated by District Administration for the children of Kavadies and Mahouts who accompany the elephants of Mysore Dasara. SDMIMD donated stationeries and drawing books. Orientation about use of books and reading habits was also provided by Dr. Sunil M.V., Librarian.
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