6th International Economics Conference

Indian economy though is affected by COVID-19 pandemic, responding positively to the quantitative easing and fiscal measures and reviving appreciably, said Prof.N.R.Bhanumurthy, Economist and Vice Chancellor of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar School of Economics University, Bengaluru. 
While delivering inaugural address to the 6th International Economics Conference organised by Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) Mysuru on the theme of “Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends” Bhanumurthy further says, “fiscal policy should not be the first line of defence during economic crisis and unlike economic crisis of 2008, India executed more prudent policy measures to manage the COVID-19 triggered economic downturn wherein monetary policy dominance over fiscal measures was evident”. 
He expressed concerns that chip shortage would affect automobile manufacturing and supply chain economy. Though inflation is on the rise particularly due to fuel price rise, Bhanumurthy was confident that it will continue to remain within the RBI’s targeted rate of 6 percent. Speaking on the climate change, he said that more research and debates are essential before emerging economies decide whether to continue to use coal as a key energy source. 
Answering to a question, Prof.Bhanumurthy said, “regional disparity in India is increasing and it could be attributed to the federal system of government and market forces. Different states have different policies and approaches to the same problem”. Furthermore, he also believed that India is more equipped than before to manage the disparities as new mechanisms are developed. 
Dr. Frank Longo is the Associate Dean for Global Programs at EAE Business School in Spain delivered the keynote address to the two-day conference. In his talk, Frank brought out the issues of sustainability, economy and growth and their linkages from the global perspective and discussed the role of academic institutions in this regard.
Dr. Saju Jose is an Associate Professor in Abhu Dhabi University was the Distinguished Speaker for the technical session and he highlighted the role of corporate social responsibility in the development of economically backward segment of the society. He talked about the need for evolving right CSR strategies by corporates by aligning with their core competencies. Jose, further, highlighted that CSR activities should be related to larger concerns for doing good for society and environment, going much beyond the immediate business stakeholders and narrow profit motive. 
Utsav Agarwal, Director of Bhorukha Fabcons Private Limited was the chief guest for the valedictory session. In his valedictory address, Utsav said, “conservative banking affects credit flow and thereby economic growth is contracted”. Speaking on the need for economic  stability to achieve business sustainability, Utsav narrated the challenges encountered by the MSMEs during COVID-19 pandemic. He argued for consistency and persistence in government policies to enable business sustainability. 
Dr.N.R.Parasuraman, Director and Professor of Finance at SDMIMD was present on the occasion and expressed the need for academic community to involve rigorously in relevant research to contribute to better corporate decision making and government policy formulation.  
Dr.B.Venkatraja, Associate Professor of Economics at SDMIMD expressed concerns that stagflation, income disparity and climate change might be the obstacles in attaining inclusive and sustained economic development during the COVID pandemic times.  
The two-day virtual conference held on November 25 and 26 deliberated on 94 research papers and case studies presented by academic researchers and practitioners on the various dimensions of the economy, growth and sustainability.       
Conference Chairperson Dr.B.Venkatraja coordinated the proceedings of two-day event. 

SDMIMD ranked 14th among Standalone B-Schools in India

The recently released Outlook - ICARE India MBA Ranking 2022 has ranked SDMIMD at the 24th position among the 52 top Private B Schools in India; 6th among 34 Top private B schools in South Zone; & 14th among 46 Private Standalone Institutions.  

Toastmaster Club Activities

SDMIMD Toastmasters works with a shared vision of Toastmasters International and encourages the students to achieve their potential. SDMIMD Toastmasters Club is heading towards a milestone of the 100th meeting on December 12, 2021. To make each meeting count, several educational sessions were organized in the month of October.
SDMIMD Toastmasters Club organized an interactive educational session on "Creative Table Topics" on 3rd October 2021, by a well-known Toastmaster of the Mysuru area, TM Azharnaveed Kairdi. Through this session, club members encountered abundant ideas for table topics, where each speaker will be given 2 minutes to speak on that topic.
Apart from the regular weekly meetings, our club also conducted an educational session on the topic “Mastering Presentation” on 17th October 2021, by Sandipa Maheswari, DTM. This session was addressed by SDMIMD students of PGDM Batch 2021-2023. One of the essential skills for managerial students is presenting. DTM Sandipa shared the insights to make a good presentation a great presentation by following a few basics of presentation. The session had more than 50 participants from SDMIMD.
For the 97th anniversary of Toastmasters International on October 22nd, 2021, Club President TM Nandha Kumar and Club secretary TM Sai Sri Harsha organized a special meet to share the numerous accolades the club has won last year and the forthcoming awards for the club. This session was conducted in person on the SDMIMD campus. 

SDMIMD ranked in Top 10 in India

Siliconindia, a leading business, and entrepreneurship US-INDIA Magazine, ranked SDMIMD at 10th among 20 institutions in A+++, the highest grade. The survey has listed SDMIMD in second place among the Top 10 B-Schools in Academic Excellence; fifth place among the Top 10 B-Schools in Placement; and  2nd among the Top 10 B-Schools in South Zone. 

Talk on ‘Groom the Corporate Soldier in You’

Mr. Dwarakanath A R, Trainer – Organizational Behaviour, Wellness & Fine Arts, delivered an invited talk on ‘Groom the Corporate Soldier in You’ introducing the importance of Yoga and Wellness in the life of a corporate individual, on October 1, 2021. The talk was organized as part of the Orientation Program 2021 for the PGCM 2021-22 batch.

Invited talk by Expert from WBC Sydney

Shri. Giridhar Kannan, Manager, Group Audit, Financial Crime, Compliance and Conduct at Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC), Sydney, Australia, delivered an invited talk on ‘What Corporates Expect?’  for the PGCM 2021-22 batch on September 30, 2021.

Case Workshop by Dr. M.R. Suresh

To introduce the PGCM 21-22 to the case study-based teaching-learning method, a Case Workshop was organized on September 29, 2021. Faculty resource Dr. M R Suresh, Professor - Marketing, SDMIMD, conducted a workshop as part of the Orientation Program 2021.

Workshop on Design Thinking

The workshop on Design Thinking was scheduled for September 28, 2021, for the PGCM students as part of the Orientation Program 2021. Faculty resource Dr. Sunil MV, Head - Academics Administration, SDMIMD, conducted the Workshop. 

Foundation Day Lecture 2021

Every year Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) commemorates its Foundation Day through a lecture delivered by an eminent person. This year the Foundation Day lecture was delivered by Dr Hasmukh Adhia IAS (Retd), Chancellor, Central University of Gujarat and Former Union Finance Secretary and Revenue Secretary to an audience consisting of young management students, faculty members and invitees. Read More>
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