Prerana - SDMIMD Talk by Mr Achuta Bachalli

Prerana, the Alumni Association and SDMIMD invited Mr Achutha Bachalli, Founder, Unilog Content Solutions, to deliver an invited talk on June 26, 2021. The talk 'My Story - Journey of an Entrepreuner' was organized as part of the Entrepreneur Series for the benefit of alumni and students on campus. 

Webinar on 'Marketing and Society'

A webinar on the topic 'Marketing and Society: Relevance and Directions' was organized on June 15, 2021, for the students of PGDM Batch 2021-2023. Speaker of the webinar Dr M. R. Suresh, Professor - Marketing, SDMIMD, traced the evolution of the marketing field and the importance of societal marketing. Dr Suresh, with several examples, explained the interface between marketing and society. The webinar dwelt on the impact of climate change on marketing and the need to focus on PPP approach (People, Planet and Profit). Dr Suresh emphasized meeting the requirements of the poor by making them co-creators of value and integrating them into the global market system to enable them to benefit from the fruits of globalization. 

MDP on HR for Non-HR Managers

An MDP on ‘HR for Non-HR Managers’ was organized on June 11 2021. The faculty resource Dr Mousumi Sengupta and Dr Nilanjan Sengupta, Professor(s) – HR/OB from SDMIMD, focused on the people management issues faced by professionals engaged in administrative roles and non-HR professionals at all levels in day-to-day work-life situations. The program concentrated on people management skills and techniques for the participants. The case studies were used to discuss the issues involved in interactions with people across all levels, irrespective of the nature of our work. Further, the interaction on functions, ranging from leading and motivating staff to appraise their performance, was exciting.

Farewell to Dr H. Gayathri

SDMIMD organized a virtual farewell function for Dr H. Gayathri, Deputy Director & Professor - Marketing, on 9 June 2021. Dr Gayathri superannuated after a long service of 28 years at SDMIMD. Faculty and staff members joined to bid adieu to Dr H. Gayathri. 

Bid adieu to Dr R.Sugant

The faculty and staff members joined the virtual farewell function of Dr R. Sugant, Professor in Marketing and Chairperson, Career Services, SDMIMD, on June 10, 2021.

Webinar on 'Being a Management Graduate'

The Webinar Series 5 for the PGDM 2021-2023 Batch was delivered by Prof. S. Jayakrishnan, Faculty of Marketing, SDMIMD, on 'Being a Management Graduate/professional- The Path ahead'. During the webinar held on June 4, 2021, Prof. Jayakrishnan said 'the pandemic situation has created an unprecedented challenge for business and business schools. Management schools and graduates were forced to relook at the way graduate programs are offered and learned'. Mr Jayakrishnan.S debunked the myths associated with management education in a lighter manner, explored what graduates need to do and what MBA/PGDM can offer to them in these changing times.

'Opening Session' for Academic Year 2021-2022

'Adopt to change and move ahead in shaping your career' was the message from the Director, Dr. N.R. Prarasuraman in his address to the PGDM 2020-2022 Batch during the 'Opening Session' of the Academic Year 2021-2022 on June 1, 2021. Dr. Parasuraman shared the technology adoption for the teaching-learning process in the institute, introduced the academic calendar and activities scheduled for career services. Dr. S.N. Prasad, Deputy Director, welcomed the gathering and rounded up the opening session. Dr. Sunil MV, Head-Academic Administration, and Mr. Deepak Chandrashkear, Manager - Placement, presented the activity plan. 
Earlier, Prof. Jayakrishnan S., Chairman - Summer Internship Project (SIP), presented an overview of the SIP 2021. Students shared their SIP Assignment experience. 
Faculty members and staff and PGDM 2020-2022 were present during the virtual event. 

Ph D Award to Mr. Vighnesh S. Goankar

Mr. Vighnesh S. Goankar., Research Scholars from Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Research Center for Management Studies (SDM RCMS) the research unit of SDMIMD, Mysore, was awarded PhD degree by the University of Mysore, Mysuru, for his thesis ‘Performance and risk measurement of select mutual funds: with special reference to passive investments across tenure’. The research work was guided by Dr N.R. Parasuraman, Director & Professor - Finance, SDMIMD, Mysore.
The research gave insights to retail investors, fund managers and to governing authority. The research considered risk-adjusted return generated by mutual funds. The study also covers suggestions on selection of type of fund for a given timeframe.
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