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SDMIMD Mysore and Atlantis University Forge Academic Partnership to Foster Global Learning and Research

On 1st July 2024, SDMIMD Mysore and Atlantis University (AU), Florida, US entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), aiming to collaborate towards developing a supportive and inclusive learning environment, in the form of student and faculty exchange, conducting joint research, and so on.
On this occasion, Mr. Kailash Chintamani, MD of Atlantis University, US, stated that AU is looking forward to a fruitful academic partnership with SDMIMD.  Dr. S. N. Prasad, Director of SDMIMD, opined that, this academic association would give students at SDMIMD greater opportunities to get developed into global citizens. Dr. Mousumi Sengupta, Dean- International Relations of SDMIMD stated that the partnership would facilitate the students and faculty members of both the organizations, to get more involved into cross-cultural research. 

VVCE's Nirvaaha 2024: A Triumph for SDMIMD Students

The Department of Business Administration at VVCE recently hosted Nirvaaha 2024, a prestigious inter-college event held on June 29th, 2024. Students from the SDM Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) achieved remarkable success, showcasing their talent and innovative thinking.
Mr. Rakshith M R and Mr. Rajath M secured top honors in the Business Plan Presentation with their groundbreaking idea, "EcoWrap." This victory underscores their creativity and dedication, reflecting SDMIMD's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices.
In addition, Ms. Vismaya S, Mr. Vijay Anand A, and Mr. Prasanth S demonstrated their ingenuity with their impactful business idea on hydroponic farming, earning them recognition. Their achievement highlights the innovative spirit and problem-solving skills nurtured at SDMIMD.
These accomplishments at Nirvaaha 2024 exemplify SDMIMD's role in preparing future leaders to tackle global challenges through innovative and sustainable business solutions. The institute continues to inspire and support its students in their journey towards creating a better, more sustainable future.

QS I-GAUGE Rating Awards Ceremony

SDMIMD, the premier B-school in Mysuru, has been awarded the Diamond Rating from QS I-Gauge, the Indian arm of the QS World Rankings (Quacquarelli Symonds, UK), which assesses colleges and universities based on quality parameters. This reflects SDMIMD’s improving standards, dedication to imparting quality education, and commitment to preparing future generations to lead in the corporate world. Dr. S.N. Prasad, the Director of the Institute, stated that this is a collective achievement by the faculty, staff, and students. On behalf of SDMIMD, the award was received by Dr. Mousumi Sengupta, Dean of International Relations, and Dr. L. Gandhi, Associate Professor of HRM, during the award ceremony on 27 June 2024 in Indore.

Guest talk by Mr. Gangadhar Krishnan

On June 27, 2024, SDMIMD had the honor of hosting a guest lecture on "The Role of Passion in Career Success: Building a Path to Fulfillment and Achievement" by the remarkable Mr. Gangadhar Krishnan. Mr. Krishnan is a true embodiment of adventure and innovation, with a journey that inspires and captivates. As a full-time traveler and the visionary founder of the donation-based family travel startup, U@U Family Travel Specialist, he has dedicated his life to exploring the enchanting regions of Northeast India. He made the courageous decision to leave behind a lucrative corporate career to fully embrace his love for travel. Since then, he has devoted six months each year to traversing the breathtaking landscapes of Northeast India.
Mr. Gangadhar shared his incredible experiences, the challenges he faced, and the joys he discovered along his journey. He spoke on a variety of fascinating topics, including homeschooling, where he discussed the principles and practices emphasizing its flexibility and unique learning opportunities for families on the move. Building on this, he introduced the concept of road schooling, a dynamic educational approach where learning takes place on the road, allowing children to learn from real-world experiences and diverse environments. He also captivated the audience with vivid descriptions of his travels. His stories of adventure, resilience, and innovation resonated deeply with the audience, inspiring us all to pursue our passions and think creatively about making a positive impact in the world.

Corporate Management Development Programme (CMDP) for the Rane Group of Companies

The fourth batch of 32 participants from the Rane Group of companies took part in the Corporate Management Development Programme (CMDP), at SDMIMD, on June 24th and 25th, 2024. The CEO of Rane Madras, Mrs. Gowri Kailasam, and the Director of SDMIMD, Dr. S.N. Prasad, inaugurated the CMDP sessions on the Young Leadership Development Program.
During the inaugural address, Mrs. Gowri Kailasam emphasized the significance of learning and development as a means of advancing in the manufacturing sector for the selected employees. The top management of the Rane Group implemented these programs, underscoring their seriousness. Dr. S.N. Prasad stressed the importance of leadership, managerial styles, and developing decision-making skills. The program was supervised by Dr. Nanda Kishore Shetty, Chairperson of MDP/FDP and Company-Specific Programs at SDMIMD, Mysore.

Iconic Women Leader Award to Dr. Mousumi Sengupta

Dr. Mousumi Sengupta, Professor – HRM & OB, SDMIMD has been awarded with the prestigious Golden Aim Award, in the category of Iconic Women Leader Award: Learning and Development, on 15 June 2024.
The Golden Aim Awards have been instituted by Dynergic Business Solutions to celebrate the achievements of Business professionals that have contributed immensely towards the growth of the Respective Industry across India. Beyond the accolades, the Award seeks to uplift a community dedicated to greatness by encouraging a mindset of ongoing development for the betterment of the society. By celebrating the achievements, the Golden Aim Community makes an important contribution in inspiring and encouraging potential in professionals to excel in their own fields.

Workshop on Legal Aspects of Business

SDMIMD had the privilege of hosting Dr. Hema Harsha, an acclaimed expert with 25 years of experience in both the IT sector and academia. Dr. Harsha, an Associate Professor at MP Birla Institute of Management and a seasoned consultant in POSH and DEI, delivered a dynamic and informative workshop on business law, held on June 10-11, 2024.
Workshop Highlights:
  • POSH: Detailed the POSH Act of 2013, emphasizing employer responsibilities and the establishment of Internal Committees for a harassment-free workplace.
  • IPR: Explained the importance of patents, copyrights, and trademarks in protecting business innovations.
  • Company Law: Discussed the Companies Act 2013, corporate governance, legal requirements, and CSR initiatives.
  • IT Act: Covered legal recognition of digital documents and essential cybersecurity measures.
  • Contract Act: Emphasized key elements of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, for enforceable business agreements.
Dr. Harsha’s workshop provided invaluable knowledge on legal frameworks that support and shape business practices, inspiring us to explore these critical topics further as future business leaders.

Talk on Generative AI and marketing

Mr. Kiran Sathyanarayana, Lead Data Scientist at Tiger Analytics (NLP and Generative AI), and an alumnus of SDMIMD, delivered a talk on "Generative AI and Marketing" on June 8, 2024. The talk was organized as part of the Business Landscape course. Kiran Sathyanarayana emphasized the importance of setting clear personal and professional goals. He highlighted the transformative impact of generative AI on marketing, including content creation and customer segmentation. Kiran introduced tools like Pecan AI, showcased career opportunities in generative AI marketing, and stressed the importance of continuous learning and adaptation to technological changes for career success.

Talk on AI in changing times and Use cases

Mr. Jacob Thomas, Delivery Manager at TCS and an alumnus of SDMIMD, delivered a talk on "AI in Changing Times and Use Cases" on June 7, 2024. The talk was organized as part of the Business Landscape course. Jacob Thomas discussed "AI for Managers," highlighting AI's evolution and impact on industries. He explained AI's role in rational decision-making, predicting trends, and streamlining processes. Jacob stressed the responsible use of AI, addressed common project failures, and emphasized the importance of a strategic mindset for future managers.