Campus News

Business Law Workshop by Dr. Hema Harsha

Dr. Hema Harsha, Associate Professor, MP Birla Institute of Management, Bengaluru, conducted a workshop on Business Laws and POSH Modules at SDMIMD on 23-24 August 2023.
The workshop covered topics such as contracts, company law, consumer protection, and the Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act (POSH).
Dr. Hema is an experienced legal expert with a wealth of knowledge on business law. She shared her insights on the legal framework of business in India and how businesses can protect themselves from legal risks. She also discussed the POSH Act and how businesses can create a safe and harassment-free workplace for their employees.
The workshop was a valuable learning experience for the participants and helped them to understand the legal aspects of business in India.

Blood Donation Camp 2023

The blood you donate gives someone a second chance at life. Social issues are always addressed by SDMites with great enthusiasm whenever circumstances call for it. Overall, 67 students and faculty members donated blood to this noble cause. Rotary Mysore and Jeevadhara blood banks provided SDMIMD with the opportunity to hold a blood donation camp on August 19, 2023.

ESG Corporate Talk by Mr. Murali, Rane Group

In the recent enlightening session held at our college, Mr. Murali, a distinguished representative from the Rane Group, shared invaluable insights into the realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations in the corporate world. With his extensive experience as a Safety and Health Practitioner and Manager at Rane Group, Mr. Murali shed light on how these three crucial aspects significantly impact their operations, the steps taken to ensure ESG compliance, and the broader importance of ESG in today's industries. During the insightful session, Mr. Murali highlighted Rane Group's proactive measures to align with ESG goals. The company has introduced various eco-friendly initiatives to minimize its ecological footprint and on the social front, it is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of its employees, local communities, and stakeholders. Through these initiatives, Rane Group has not only minimized workplace incidents but has also fostered a sense of responsibility towards one another's well-being. Mr. Murali passionately emphasized the significance of ESG in today's dynamic business landscape.
He also gave an interesting example where one of their employees who was trained to give CPR first aid saved a life of an elderly person in Chennai while traveling on a local train and recalled how their training came into use in a real-life situation and saved a life. The talk shed light on the symbiotic relationship between ESG principles and corporate success.
The talk has been organized as a part of the ESG modular specialization for the PGDM 2022-24 batch, held on August 18, 2023.

77th Independence Day celebrations

The 77th Independence Day of India was celebrated at SDMIMD, Mysore, on August 15, 2023, from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. The SDMIMD family, which includes the directors, faculty, staff, and PGDM students, gathered in front of the administration block. Dr. Nanda Kishore Shetty unfurled the national flag at 8:10 AM, which was then followed by the rendition of the National Anthem.
Dr. Nanda Kishore Shetty addressed the gathering and emphasized the incredible journey of independent India from 1947 to 2023. The journey of India encompasses not only the milestones achieved but also the distance travelled between them. The topic of discussion is the transformation that has taken place from 1947 to 2023. He discussed the numerous unsung heroes and their sacrifices, as well as the innovations, struggles, and aspirations that have contributed to India becoming self-reliant, the world's largest democracy, and the fifth-largest global economy today.
Dr. Shetty emphasized the responsibility of management students, who are the future leaders of India, to work towards guiding our economy, industries, and innovations in the right direction. He encouraged them to innovate, not only with gadgets and apps but also with ideas such as creating an app that promotes kindness or developing a platform where the only status, they can update is a good deed they have done. Another suggestion was to share photos of themselves planting trees in public spaces. In his concluding remarks, he urged everyone to embrace the spirit of independence not just on Independence Day but every day of their lives.
Team Kalanubhav and Team Samprathi organized a series of cultural programs featuring captivating dance performances and patriotic songs. The event concluded with a community breakfast.

CMDP for Wurth Electronics employees

The Corporate Management Development Program (CMDP) was conducted for the first batch of 18 participants from Wuerth Electronic. The CMDP sessions started from June 27th, 2022, to October 10th, 2022, at the SDMIMD and Wuerth Elektronik Mysore campuses. A workshop was organized on August 4, 2023, at SDMIMD which marked the conclusion of CMDP.

Young Managers Empowered with Whistleblowing and Ethics

Dr. Kristian Alm, the distinguished Professor of Ethics at BI Norwegian Business School, Norway, and Head of Research on Global Bibliography on Whistleblowing, delivered an enlightening talk on the significance of building awareness about Whistleblowing for the benefit of employees, communities, and society as a whole. The talk, held on July 26, 2023, aimed to orient the PGDM Batch 2023-25 about the concept of Whistleblowing in the contemporary world. The talk emphasized the vital role Whistleblowing plays in promoting ethics, transparency, and accountability within organizations and institutions worldwide.
During the talk organized on July 27, 2023, Dr. Heidi Karisen, a Senior Academic Librarian and Researcher at BI Norwegian Business School and Senior Lecturer at the University of Oslo, further enriched the discussion by presenting various real-life cases from both Indian and international contexts. In the spirit of fostering ethical awareness, Dr. Karisen discussed the significant impact of Whistleblowing by citing examples like the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984 and the Indian Oil Corporation case of 2005.
The talk also highlighted the crucial research work being carried out on building the 'Global Bibliography on Whistleblowing,' where SDM Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) serves as the esteemed Indian Chapter. Dr. Mousumi Sengupta, Principal Investigator & Professor of OB & HR, and Dr. Sunil M.V., Co-Investigator & Assistant Professor of Systems and General Management, both from SDMIMD, actively contribute to this significant project along with the student researchers – Mr Druva N, Mr Taha Dhilawala, Mr Yashwanth, and Mr Kaydawala Saifuddin, from PGDM 2022-24 Batch.
Dr. Alm and Dr. Karisen's insightful talks left a lasting impact on the young minds of the PGDM Batch 2023-25, equipping them with valuable knowledge and inspiring them to uphold ethical practices throughout their professional journeys.

Invited talk by Dr. Jyotsna Bhatnagar

Dr. Jyotsna Bhatnagar, Dean Research, Professor, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management at IMD, Delhi, delivered a talk on "Emerging Dimensions of HR" on July 25, 2023. The session was a comprehensive exploration of a HR professional's challenges and possibilities in today's business world. Her insights and expertise offered valuable takeaways for attendees to enhance their HR practices and drive organisational success through effective people management.

Guest lecture on Responsible Business Strategy by Dr. Shilpa Iyanna

A Guest Lecture on Responsible Business Strategy was organized for the first-year students on July 24  & 25, 2023. The talk was delivered by Dr. Shilpa Iyanna, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at New Castle Business School, Northumbria University. The aim of the workshop was to provide the students with insights into the process of brand building.
Shilpa Iyanna talked about how brands are built, different methods for building brands, and the significance of brands from a consumer's perspective. In addition, she explored the internal and external factors that influence brand marketing, the importance of culture and cross-cultural considerations, and the challenges associated with brand management. And the various cases pertaining to top brands and their advertising techniques were discussed.